The Natural Confectionery Company

Working with Cadbury’s The Natural Confectionery Company (TNCC), AMG Group concepted and managed a fun campaign to highlight the brand’s core values of creative and natural play. AMG Group’s promotional campaign ran in the lead-up to Halloween and played on nationwide radio, telling listeners to upload their most creative dress-up costume to be in to win cash.

Running concurrently, AMG Group worked with the Auckland Maritime Museum, devising TNCC’s sponsorship of a pirate-themed children’s holiday programme along with a huge sampling campaign.

Local promotions were created in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, where radio listeners could solve the Treasure Hunt Clues and win a Pirate-infused sailing trip with fabulous entertainment for the family for the day.
Over the campaign, a massive 22,000 TNCC samples were given out and over 120 people attended the pirate sailing events, creating massive awareness of the TNCC brand and its core values of creative and natural play.