Dr Reddy’s Launch Campaign

Dr. Reddy’s is an integrated, global pharmaceutical company with a strong brand presence established over 28 years with products marketed in more than 10 countries.

In 2013 AMG Group was asked to develop and implement Dr Reddy’s over the counter (OTC) launch campaign in New Zealand with the following two brands:

  • Diclofenac – a competitor to Voltaren (pain relief)
  • Omeprazole –a competitor to Losec (heartburn/indigestion)

Dr Reddy’s was not a known brand to New Zealanders so an advertising campaign utilising television and magazines was recommended to educate consumers and pharmacy staff.

The objective of this campaign was to establish Dr Reddy’s as a credible brand providing relief for heartburn/indigestion and pain relief, driving consumers to ask pharmacists for Dr Reddy’s products.

A 30 second television commercial was created for both products using a Dr Reddy’s spokesperson who exuded credibility. This spokesperson also appeared in print creative and in-store point of sale delivering the key benefits of Dr Reddy’s products.

A New Zealand website was also developed detailing more information for consumers.

To assist with the sell-through, AMG developed pharmacist training as well as a sales incentive programme for the Dr Reddy’s sales team and pharmacy staff. These two initiatives proved very successful for the Dr Reddy’s brand.

In 2014 two new products were launched – Hayfexo (hayfever) & Scytera (psoriasis) - increasing the Dr Reddy’s product portfolio. The existing campaign was extended for brand continuity and the new products introduced to consumers.

During 2015 national radio advertising was added to the marketing mix for two key Dr Reddy’s products. This medium proved highly effective in driving demand and sales for Omeprazole and Diclofenac.

AMG Group managed all facets of the Dr Reddy’s campaign, working closely with TAPS to gain approval for all advertising and training material, the media, pharmacy staff and the sales teams, delivering effective results for the Dr Reddy’s brand.