Californian Medjool Dates

Californian Medjool Dates, known as Nature’s Power Fruit, enlisted the help of AMG PR to create awareness amongst New Zealand consumers and increase sales of this whole-fruit snack.

This project required a 360 degree communications strategy, as while the Californian Medjool Date market is burgeoning globally, it is still in its infancy stage in New Zealand.

Our approach was to build a website to house nutritional information and recipes using Californian Medjool Dates. A national in-store sampling campaign was undertaken offering consumers trial of the product, both on its own and stuffed with cream cheese. This allowed consumers to understand both the versatility and taste of the product.

Customer research was compiled during the campaign to understand whether shoppers liked the product and if they would purchase it in the future. Californian Medjool Dates are available loose in the chilled produce section of the supermarket – the in-store sampling allowed demonstrators to highlight this fact to shoppers, while generating some instant sales.

A PR campaign was undertaken using key influencers and well-known food bloggers with large numbers of followers to develop and post recipes and videos using Californian Medjool Dates. These posts linked to the new Californian Medjool Dates website and the recipes remain on social media forever.  

An online and magazine advertising campaign was created showing the versatility and health benefits of Californian Medjool dates, while driving consumers to the new website for recipes.

This communications programme successfully created consumer awareness for Californian Medjool Dates and tripled sales over the four month campaign.  

AMG looks forward to contributing to the ongoing growth of this market sector in New Zealand.