Cadbury Jaffa Red Nose Day Campaign Story

AMG was given the challenge of leveraging Cadbury Jaffa’s sponsorship of Cure Kids Red Nose Day, working collaboratively with a wide variety of sponsors and agencies.

AMG worked alongside Cadbury and New Zealand cook Allyson Gofton to create the hugely successful Red Nose Jaffa cupcake recipe, featuring Cadbury Jaffas as a fun ingredient. The official Red Nose Jaffa cupcake recipe fundraiser featured across a vast number of New Zealand print and online media and proudly showcased Jaffa’s support of the Cure Kids Foundation.

To further promote the Cure Kids sponsorship, AMG concepted and ran the ‘Red Nose Jaffa Family Fun day’ at Rainbow’s End with many Cure Kids child ambassadors in attendance. Media Works radio provided excellent pre-event promotional support and entertainment throughout day, culminating in an afternoon concert featuring three great New Zealand’s musical acts.

The event was hugely successful in building awareness around the Jaffa Brand and its sponsorship of the Cure Kids Foundation. The Red Nose Jaffa Family Fun Day received great local and national coverage with media attending the event and press releases sent out on the day, gaining great results for Jaffa and the Cure Kids brands.