Borges Launch Campaign

AMG was tasked with developing a communications campaign for global brand Borges Olive Oil, now available in NZ supermarkets nationally.

Borges NZ website, Facebook and Instagram pages were developed to drive brand awareness and usage ideas for Borges Olive Oil by way of inspiring recipes and engaging content.  These platforms are steadily growing and maintaining an engaged Borges community.

NZ content creators have been commissioned providing local recipes to be mixed in with  global content to give Borges a Kiwi look and feel.

An attractive media kit, including a Borges branded apron and a set of three Borges Olive Oils were sent  to targeted media including selected social influencers, food writers, print and online media.

Excellent exposure was received from social influencers and all content was shared across Borges’ social platforms, driving traffic to these sites.  Multiple print and online exposure was negotiated and Borges received stunning imagery with reader promotions – an excellent way to gain consumer trial.

Overall, the Borges communications campaign was extremely successful gaining exposure across print, digital and social media, reaching over 2 million consumers!